ProForm Power 995c Treadmill

Posted on 2nd June 2014 in Detail Review

proform-power-995c-treadmill-1Product Introduction

ProForm, an iconic health equipment brand is a sub brand of a leading exercise equipment manufacturer, Icon Health and Fitness Inc. With a wide range of spectacular fitness equipments and other services, ProForm has proved itself to be one of the leaders in the treadmill segment. With an effective range of Treadmills, users can easily choose the one best for them. With major people hitting gyms these days, users can easily find a range of ProForm treadmills ranging in different features and specifications. For a fit body and routine, it is essential to workout with the help of treadmills. Treadmill is a best substitute for people who avoid running, jogging and walking out outdoors.

One of the renowned treadmills these days is “ProForm Power 995C Treadmill.” When it comes to innovativeness, creativity, novelty, style, power and real comfort, then ProForm Power 995C Treadmill is surely the one. ProForm Power 995C Treadmill aids in achieving and meeting every need and requirement for a fit body. The Power 995c has a powerful motor for exerting great amount of power for speed and energy. The in-built fitness apps have been designed and developed by a Certified Personal Trainer to help in achieving the desirable and fit body. With these thirty in-built workout apps, the user can easily check his or her fitness level, pulse rate, heartbeat, incline controls, decline controls,

Speed, etc…, The user can also adjust the speed at desired levels. The iFit Console is ideal software to take live training sessions from experts. It is the best example of utilizing technology effectively.

proform-power-995c-treadmill-2Product Details

ProForm Power 995C Treadmill comprises of high end features and specifications. It is the right choice for a fit and polished body. With every technical feature available, the treadmill conveniently aids in possessing a fit and healthy body. With supreme and unique specifications, the treadmill has become a taste and need of serious fitness lovers. Gym experts and trainers recommend this treadmill to be one of the best ones to equip or purchase. With great ProShox cushioning, the users can easily run, jog and walk without any issue of safety. People, who are prone to knee or joint pains, can conveniently workout on treadmills.

ProForm Power 995C Treadmill comprises of iFit Compatible Software. It detects the location of the user via Google Maps and connects with the fitness expert. The user can take live training and expert sessions whenever desired. The display console in this treadmill is of 7 inches oversized backlit. With wide and clear options, users can easily check out several features like heart rate, speed, steps, calorie burnt, calories count, etc…, The Size of Treadbelt is 20 x 60 inches, which is quite a long one unlike other treadmills. With long Treadbelt, the users can easily stretch to a great extent. With a built in thirty workout sessions, the users can easily adjust, select and start upon their desired workout requirement. With the option of a folding one, ProForm Power 995C Treadmill can be easily folded and stored in a sufficient space. With respect to inclining, the treadmill can be inclined between zero to fifteen percent. With respect to weight holding capacity, the treadmill cannot exceed above 350 Lbs.


  1. ProForm Power 995C Treadmill comprises of advanced and unique features.
  2. With foldable property, ProForm Power 995C Treadmill can be easily folded and kept wherever desired.
  3. With a long Treadbelt, users get to stretch more and get more area to space out. This will aid in better results and more body fitness.
  4. The dimensions of treadmill are 84 x 33 x 14 inches which is quite a compact one.
  5. ProForm Power 995C Treadmill can be easily ordered and availed via several e-commerce websites as well like Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, ProForm (company website), etc…,


There is no scope of disadvantage in this product.


ProForm Power 995C Treadmill has indeed resulted into effective results. Users across the world are aggressively utilizing this treadmill and are gaining positive results out of it.


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