FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill

Posted on 2nd June 2014 in Detail Review

freemotion-790-interactive-treadmill-1Product Introduction

Treadmills have been evolved greatly with time. With increasing indulgence for gaining fitness achievements, treadmills are being streamlined and more functional to a great extent. The traditional treadmills comprised of simple rollers and a small panel for power button. But today treadmills have not only become supreme fitness equipment but have also included entertainment in it. People used to find it really boring to work out in plain or bland manner without any sort of entertainment. Hence, fitness equipment manufacturers included entertainment in it.

FreeMotion, one of the leading brands for fitness equipments has drastically ventured and came up with innovative equipments. FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill is simply a great product from FreeMotion. The craze for this treadmill has increased to a great extent. Power packed with great entertainment, supreme technological features and fitness excellence best describes about FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill. The treadmill has proved to be a major attraction for fitness lovers. This treadmill comprises of every feature which cannot even be imagined in a treadmill. As people often bump into fitness centers, residential gyms, commercial gyms, corporate office gyms, etc…, FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill can be easily noticed. With customized options for entertainment, the user can easily enjoy and workout without disturbing anyone.

freemotion-790-interactive-treadmill-2Product Details

FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill is equipped with every entertainment feature which one can aspire for. Along with the console, the treadmill also possess a 15 inch High Definition TV, a ten inch touch screen Browser supporting Android and 2 videos for working out in HD format. With these premium elements, users can easily entertain themselves while running, walking or jogging on treadmill. Users can check and respond to their emails, can connect with their friends on Facebook and chat with their friends while working out. The users can also view any channel irrespective of being news, serials, etc…, and stay updated. The 2 HD videos are shot in the scenic and beautiful frame of Hana and Haleakala in Hawaii. These videos act as a motivation for the users while working out. The users can connect their location via iFit Live Technology which utilizes Google Maps for connecting with their trainer Jillian Michaels.

Sustaining a weight of upto 375 Lbs, the capacity of FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill has been drastically acclaimed. The walking belt of FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill measures at 20 x 60 inches. Ranging at a speed between zero to twelve miles per hour, the user can easily stretch while working out. The incline range exceeds upto 15% and declines at -3%. Combining thirty nine workout programs, the user can easily have a hold on one’s own fitness regime. A port for connecting devices is simply splendid. Users can connect their iPods and other MP3 Players for listening audio tracks.


  1. Powerful Motor: A 4.2 CHP Motor completely levels up the position of FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill vis-à-vis other treadmills.
  2. Wireless system: The treadmill is capable of sensing pulse and heart rate of the user without connecting any wires or cables to the body.
  3. Great workout apps: Combining 36 workout apps in this treadmill is simply splendid. Users can enjoy separate and different work out sessions with great enthusiasm.
  4. Entertainment: The biggest USP of FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill is entertainment. High definition TV powered by Android is simply a fantabulous feature in this treadmill.
  5. Always active: Users can be actively connected to their emails, social networking, etc…, even while working out.
  6. iFit: iFit aids in connecting their location via Google Maps for gaining fitness training from Jilian Michaels.


There is no scope of disappointment from this very desirable, reliable and entertaining treadmill, FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill.


FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill is a perfect treadmill promising great amount of entertainment while pursuing fitness regimen. With great results, the treadmill has indeed made it amongst the hit ones.


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